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Winterline Programs

How much time do you have? Whether you spend a year, a semester or a summer on a Winterline program, you will visit extraordinary places, experience new cultures, learn new skills and find out something important about yourself. And you’ll have an awesome time doing it.

Gap year

A gap year that can change everything.  Apply

Semester Programs

Take a break from school. But never stop learning.  Apply

Summer Programs

It's amazing what you can learn in a summer.  Apply

Get Your Questions Answered at a Gap Year Fair

Winterline and Minerva partner for an info-session on studying, traveling, and learning abroad

Gap year and study abroad info-session Tuesday night! Register now.

Thinking About A Gap Year -- Rye, New York, Wednesday Nov 30th

Learning to actually enjoy science: Data collection on a study abroad program in the Costa Rican Rainforest

Election results: Americans ready to travel abroad.. and send their kids too

The 3 skills you have to learn on your gap year or semester abroad

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Gap year moms write about their children traveling the world

Cliff jumping and swimming in Costa Rica: Gap year program

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica - Why we love Outward Bound for our gap year programs

Exclusive access to SXSW Innovation Conference this year? Join our International Business Program this spring

Gap year fair this week in Durham!

Why we take our gap year students to Costa Rica with Rancho Mastatal

Why you should learn Spanish on your gap year

Teenagers learn to manage social stress on a gap year

Why We Designed A 12-week Global Skills Program

'Leave No Trace' for Traveling on your Gap Year: NOLS

5 reasons to keep a journal on your gap year travels

Announcing Winterline Snapchat Stories: Gap Year Skills Programs

Scholarships for our gap year programs

Business skills will be the fastest growing job need in 2020

What NOT to do on a gap year - Lessons from a year traveling abroad

Katie Ledecky and Malia Obama - What's your reason to take a gap year?

How to prepare your parents for your gap year adventure

Best Cell Phones for International Travel on Your Gap Year

Costa Rica Video - Winterline Gap Year HQ

6 Things To Pack For A Gap Year That You Probably Didn't Think Of Yet

8 Ways to Have the Best Gap Year Ever: Part II

8 Ways to Have the Best Gap Year Ever: Part I

Meet Gabrielle: Future Winterliner, Swim Coach, and Social Butterfly

Learn Thai Massage on Your Gap Year

Infographic: Results from our Gap Year Programs - Winterline By the Numbers

Bring water on your gap year -- but seriously.

Are you ready for the world?

Quiz - How to not die in a kayak? Life skills.

Baby Sea Turtle Tasting the Ocean for the First Time

Benefits of A Gap Year Infographic

Announcing College Credit for Semester and Gap Year Programs

Why Nature? Semester Travel Programs That Prepare Students for Outdoor Life

Certification Programs for Careers in Outdoor Education

Teaching Open-Mindedness: What you can learn on a gap year

Meet Prathana: BMX Trailblazer, Photographer

Gap Year Video: Your Winterline Experience

Meet Lily: Trapeze Flying, Horse Wrangling, Neuroscience Fanatic Taking A Gap Year

What's it like to do the Winterline gap year? Sydney's music video

On Teaching Failure - Words from a Field Advisor

Meet Leo: Multilingual Entrepreneur and Adventurer

Results From the First Year: Does Winterline's Gap Year Program Work?

Meet Michael: Future Winterliner, Lacrosse Player, and Cliff-Jumper Extraordinaire

Filling the Gap Between Ed and Tech: Education Week

Why Step Out Your Comfort Zone? Maria's Panama Gap Year Experience

Video: Sarah and Jon on Friendship

Stanford: A Good Hard Look at Voluntourism

New Video: Zac on trying something new

Leverage Your Skills for Greatest Impact

How To Blog Safely During Your Gap Year

From the Camp Years to a Gap Year

Video: Winterline Student Voices

How to get back to work after a career break

Lesson #4 From My Gap Year: You're Still Not An Expert...Yet

How to Have A Successful Gap Year

The World is the New Classroom

Gap Year Benefits: Washington Post

Why Wouldn't Malia Take A Gap Year?

Failure: What we can learn from startups

Take a Risk, Get Lost in the World.

New York Times Asks Students: Would You Want to Take A Gap Year?

Video: Callie's Independent Study Project

Don't get too comfortable

New York Times - Gap Year May Have Benefits Long After College

Meet Jack Laden, Future Winterline Student Ready to Take His Pen Around the World!

Venture Down a New Path

Why Your High School Graduate May Want To Take A Gap Year

Lesson #3 From My Gap Year: You're Not An Expert... Yet

Student Highlight: Meet Noah from the Forman School in CT!

Collect Moments, Not Things.

What Are You Waiting For?

Lesson #2 From My Gap Year: Try Everything

Lesson #1 From My Gap Year: Relax, You're Awesome

Why Students May Not Consider Taking A 'Gap Year,' But Should

Useful Advice and Planning Tips from Winterliner Sarah Rimbey

Try Something New

Winterline Online Info Session

Meet Ben, Our New Director of Outreach & Recruitment

Update from our Students: Sadhana Friends Activities at the Mahindra United World College Of India

Do Something You've Never Done Before

New Office!

Learning Fashion Design at Fairsew

What's Stopping You?

Meet Our Future Student, Ana Paulina!

Have You Ever Thought About This?



The Many Benefits of a Gap Year

Riding through Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom

How to Successfully Take A Gap Year Before College

Hospitality Skills in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Heating Up The Kitchen at The Bai Pai Cooking School

Winterline Pictures Of The Week: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Eight strategies for managing your teen’s ‘gap year’ experience

Getting To Know Daniela Marllarino from Colombia!

The Academic and Career Advantages of Taking a Gap Year

Gap Years Create Successful Students

Are you all in?

Why A Gap Year Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

They've Landed in Bangkok!

The Whims of Wanderlust--Student Blog and Video

The Benefits of a Gap Year

Happy Holidays from Winterline

A Snapshot from Molly

Is It Time To Jump In?

Mark Your Calendar! Meet Us at the 2016 USA Gap Year Fairs

Where Are You Headed Next?

The 1st Trimester-- Wow!

A Peek Into the Lives of Our Students at Rancho Mastatal

Inspiration: To Travel is to Live

"Traveling Teaches Students in a Way Schools Can't"

What Winterline Students are saying about the program

College or a Gap Year? What’s right for your Student next year?

Getting to know a few more Winterline Students!

Winterline Pictures of the Week: Hiking and More in Costa Rica

Q&A with a Center for Interim Programs Gap Year Student

Partner Profile: Sea Turtle Conservancy, Costa Rica

Winterline Pictures of the Week: Horses, Pigs & Water Buffalo

Why Take A Gap Year?

Isla Popa

Winterline Pictures of the Week: Earth University, Costa Rica

What My Gap Year Taught Me

Masters of the Sea

Picture of the Week: Embrace Change

Top Reasons To Take A Gap Year

Our Highs and Lows in Panama

Winterline Pictures of the Week: Bocas Del Toro, Panama

How to Save for a Gap Year

Partner Profile: Outward Bound Costa Rica

Why We Travel

How Does A Gap Year Imact Your Career?

Learning and Fun Go Hand-In-Hand at the Casco Antigua Spanish School, Panama City

Winterline Pictures of the Week: Panama City

Life in Panama

Meet the Winterliner Media Team #1

9 Tips to Successfully Experience a Homestay

Friday Pics! Winterline Students out with NOLS

How a Gap Year Develops the 8 Characteristics of Leadership

7 Tips to Mastering a Foreign Language While Abroad

Pic of the week! our student Climbing the high ropes

Hey Seniors! Consider a Gap Year When Going Through the College Admissions Process

Preparing for Winterline's First Expedition with Partner NOLS

Meet Susu! Winterline's Regional Director of Latin America

Winterline's Friday Pic of the Week!

Saying Goodbye to Your Gap Year Student

Meet our Field Advisor, Nick Manning from Colorado!

Picture of the Week! The Wind River Mountain Range, WY

Meet our Student! Alexander Pliskin from Brooklyn, NY

Friday Photo! Travel, flourish, & fly

5 Ways Taking a Gap Year Helps Build Better Relationships

Weaving it All Together

Discovering the Netherlands with Winterline

Photo of the Week: The beautiful Rockies!

How Does a Gap Year Improve Study Habits?

Meet Our Student! Jonathon Walls, 18, from Charlotte, NC

Meet Our Student! Brittany T. from Cohasset, MA

Picture of the Week - Exploring Italy!

6 Must-Have Apps for Savvy Travelers

Exploring the Vibrancy of India on a Gap Year

Wrap up your Week with this Inspirational Photo!

Meet Kevin Connors, Director of European Travel at WinterlineGSP

Winterline's Travel Picture of the Week!

3 Celebrities Who Took a Gap Year

Bollywood Bound with Winterline

Travel Photo of the Week!

Want a Job? Take a Gap Year.

Meet Our Student: Oliver Sandreuter of Georgia!

Picture of the Week!

Top Reasons to Take a Gap Year with Winterline

Happy Friday Gappers! It's our Photo of the Week

7 Tips for Students Starting Their Own Travel Blog

Meet our Student: Benji Miller Talks Travel with Winterline

WGSP's Picture of the Week!

5 Free Must-Have Travel Apps for Students

Meet Our Student! Sarah R. from Calgary To Travel with Winterline

Winterline's Photo of the Week

Legislative Measures to Help Students Learn Practical Life and Job Skills

5 Reasons to Consider a Gap Year Advisor

Meet Our Students! Callie S. (18) and Her Mom Discuss Gap Year Programs and WinterlineGSP

Winterline's Picture of the Week!

The 5 Steps to Defer College for a Gap Year

4 Questions to Ask When Researching a Gap Year Program

6 Partners You Should Know

Why More Teens Are Delaying College for a Gap Year

The 5 Types of Students that Benefit from a Gap Year

4 Benefits of Taking a Gap Year for Students

My Own Personal Gap Year

10 Tips for Parents Before Their Student Travels Abroad

What Parents Need to Know About a Gap Year

5 Things to Consider Before Taking a Gap Year


The Adventure Begins: Orientation & Unit 1

Top 10 Winterline FAQs