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It's about time! We've been thinking about how to roll this out for a while, and all the exciting things we could do with our own Snapchat account.

Winterline has officially launched its Snapchat account:



Our Snapchat Stories will feature students living the Winterline experience, seeing things for the first time, learning skills and meeting cultures they've never encountered before. 

Each week you'll hear from different students going through all manner of triumphs and setbacks, from their own eyes and ears. You'll get to see what it's like inside the Winterline Gap Year Program, as our students travel the world together, acquiring skills in each country.

Beyond the polish of our Instagram account, our Snapchat Stories will show you the gritty world our students navigate through, all through their own perspectives, humor, and insights into the gap year experience.

If you have questions for us, or ideas for excellent Snapchat Story content, please send us a message!

Snapchat: Winterliner