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I recently rented Disney's Million Dollar Arm On Demand to watch with my kids. In a short synopsis, two young men from India are trained to be professional baseball players as part of a reality show. They practice relentlessly and both eventually land with the Pittsburgh pirates.

In my opinion, if you haven't seen it, it's a definite "watch-with-your-family" must-see. It's a really well done movie and a touching true story.  It's also a film that was partially edited in India. If you haven't heard, Mumbai is the next big movie industry place to be.

While I was doing some research for this post, I found Bollywood cinema to be fascinating. It has become one of the most vibrant mediums for India to tell its own story of striving to be a global presence.

Most of the country's movies are known as "masala films" after the Hindi word for spice mixture. They often contain music and dance, struggle, comedy, and love triangles. Also, many are musicals. Matter of fact, Baz Luhrmann stated that his musical film Moulin Rouge! was directly inspired by Bollywood's musicals.

[[Winterline's students will be honing their filmmaking skills in Bollywood's studios. Check out our itinerary.]]

Creating engaging films in India, cool right?

Well guess what? During the second half of the Winterline adventure, it's exactly where our students will be. They will be flexing—and honing in on—their creative abilities in script-writing, editing and filmmaking while working in Mubai's incredible film studios. Each year, India's movie industry is churning out more and more stellar films that our students can be a part of.

One of our students, Benji Miller remarks, "I'm really intrigued about India. It's developing and changing rapidly. I want to see the Industrial part of the world, Mumbai. Plus, to go to film school. All of the movies now make India look so cool." Adds Brittany T., "I'm really interested in photography and can't wait to learn more about my creative side."

Bollywood films you and your family should watch.

So, along with Million Dollar Arm, add these to your movie viewing list:

-Slumdog Millionaire

-Monsoon Wedding

-Life of Pi




All of these stand-out films were created among the hundreds yearly coming out of India. Films you should rent and watch. And don't forget the chilli popcorn I heard is the country's norm.