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Business is growing, but the landscape of employment will be shifting dramatically over the next few years, at the very least.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020, the fastest growing job types will be business and finance, which is why we've designed our international business program to be built around the needs of the future.


This is not your ordinary business course. Students will learn how to build businesses from scratch, pitch them before real investors and thought leaders, negotiate, resolve conflicts -- all while traveling the world and seeing how business is done in different continents.

Over the course of the semester you'll visit Singapore to see how business in Asia operates. You'll attend the South by Southwest conference and get exclusive access to the future of innovation. You'll work in Bollywood, and see how the Indian economic machine could become the powerhouse of tomorrow.


The whole purpose of our gap year and semester programs is to build the kinds of skills that will matter for your future, for your real life. That's what we're interested in building at Winterline.

Interested in learning about our international business semester program?

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