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Wondering what our Winterliners have been up to? Conflict management skills. After departing from Siem Reap our current cohort headed to Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh where they met with a Buddhist monk and participated in a workshop on conflict management. The students learned so many useful skills! The workshop covered what conflict is and offered ways to deal with it. In this part of the Winterline skills curriculum, we introduced the valuable skills of meditation, and stress and anger management. For each, our students learned methods that they could apply to their daily life now and moving forward. After a sobering visiting to Cambodia's infamous Killing Fields, the concepts of conflict and conflict management were placed in a historical context. 

As one of our students said about the second trimester in Asia so far, "We’ve been busy! My favorite part is the combination of skills learned and culture experienced. I’m embarrassed to say that before I got here I knew nothing about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. I could barely point out Cambodia on a map." Wow!

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