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We are proud to announce that our new spring program, International Business and Entrepreneurship, will officially be attending the SXSW Innovation Conference in Austin, Texas. The conference is known for premiering leading advances in tech and creative ventures. While in session, the entire city becomes a bustling intellectual hub conducive for out of the box thinking and learning.

This weeklong conference includes a wide variety of panels, design competitions, and fast-paced keynotes all aimed at sharing new developments with other leading minds in the country.

Throughout the duration of the International Business and Entrepreneurship Program, students will learn about the backbones of business: how to manage a startup, how to network and pitch to other executives, and ultimately, how to think analytically about markets and reaching maximum potential as a business. Students will be prompted to create their own startups and use the skills learned to develop a drawn out execution plan for whatever business they choose to represent.

While  learning all these skills, students will also visit a number of leading innovation hubs around the world, and see exactly how the work they’ve been doing manifests itself in the real world. Having the opportunity to be immersed in an experience like this, and see just how an innovation conference of this caliber works, will be not only rewarding but a real-world look at what a career in this field could possibly lead to.

Some highlighted speakers for the upcoming 2017 SXSW Conference include:

-        Bill Ford: Executive chair of Ford Motor Company

-        Kimbal Musk: Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist who has invested in many tech and food companies including Chipotle Mexican Grill and Tesla Motors

-        Rachael Ray: Celebrity Cook and Television Host

Additionally, there will be a series of design competitions displaying progress live, in fields like 3D printing, digital design, biotech and medicine, wearable technology, music and audio innovation and competing for different awards in specific fields of research. It will be a week full of learning and exploring the newest ventures in technology and, specifically, the way business skills and strategies come into play.

This 12-week long program could be a great potential fit for those interested in business as a career or college major but also those who expect to pursue other interests in the future. You will learn group leadership , conflict management and project planning, all skills that will come in handy for incoming college students and those looking for the mental tools to deal with whatever career may lie ahead. Overall, SXSW offers a holistic sense of how different businesses use conferences like this one to display new strides in their product and boost interest organically.

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