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Are you keeping track of where our students are and what skills they are learning? Here's an update. The students closed out their time in Cambodia working and learning skills at Farisew, a unique garment company that has a deep commitment to its workers, to transparency in all that it does and to providing excellent service. Fairsew stands out from many other large garment producers for a number of reasons.

Devoted to the keeping the environment safe, the company takes the initiative to minimize waste, use recycled fabrics where possible and to avoid the use of toxic materials. Additionally, it recognizes that the treatment of its employees is a matter of great importance. Farisew provides livable wages, a safe working environment and opportunities for further learning and development to all employees, making it a safe and well-liked place to work.

During their time at Farisew our students received an introduction to clothing manufacturing, fashion design and even sewing! All very practical skills to have. Prior to their hands-on training experience, students traveled to a local market to shop for the fabrics that they would each use in their designs. After much work, each student proudly presented his or her creation. 

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