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Winterline Programs

How much time do you have? Whether you spend a year, a semester or a summer on a Winterline program, you will visit extraordinary places, experience new cultures, learn new skills and find out something important about yourself. And you’ll have an awesome time doing it.

Gap year

A gap year that can change everything.  Apply

Semester Programs

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Summer Programs

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Media_Team_four.jpgWe are so excited that our Winterline 2015 cohort is made up of a diverse mix of students from the around the world, including from the US, India, Nepal, Mexico and Canada. From time to time we'll be profiling some of these students who are learning and travelling with us for nine months, building skills, uncovering new interests and making lifelong friends.

Upasana Shrestha, 18, Lalitpur, Nepal

My name is Upasana and I come from Lalitpur, Nepal. I recently graduated from Woodstock School, a Christian, international, co-educational, residential school located in Landour, a small hill station contiguous with the town of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. I am an adventurous teenager trying to add more skills to my current skills which consist of singing, doodling and cooking really delicious noodles, among many others things. My foremost wish is to see sunsets all over the world.

Sydney Pultman, 18, Saint Louis Missouri

My name is Sydney Pultman and I am from Saint Louis Missouri. I recently graduated from Clayton High School and plan on attending Rollins College after Winterline. I enjoy writing, music, and sports. I'm excited to explore the world, try new activities, meet new people, and venture outside of my comfort zone.

Sarah Jayne Rimbey, 19, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My name is Sarah and I’m from Canada. I have both lived and travelled around the world and have completed two years of university, studying biology at Carleton University. I have a passion for music, animals and food. I cannot wait to travel to South East Asia and experience new cultures over the next nine months with Winterline!

Zechariah Meisel (Zac), 18, Princeton, New Jersey

I'm Zac, from Princeton, New Jersey. I've gone to three different schools over my high school career, and have tried almost every sport in existence. My talents and passions are around physical movement: you'll catch me scaling trees for a better place to read or back flipping on the dance floor to hip-hop music. I chose Winterline because it seemed like an awesome experience, especially for someone who's mind and body races as fast as mine does. I'm not sure where I'm headed after Winterline, but I hope to find that out over the next nine months. "If you don't know what you want to do, might as well try everything!"