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IMG_9691.jpgWe'd like to introduce you to Daniela Mallarino, a high school senior and native of Colombia who will be traveling with Winterline next Fall. Filled with a love for travel, Daniela shared with us her passions and her desire to explore the world to experience diverse cultures. Daniela already has a great deal of travel under her belt and cherishes the lessons that she has gained on her journeys. We’re thrilled to welcome someone with such an open, positive and generous attitude to our program and thought you might like to get to know her as well!

What Daniela  expects to gain from Winterline: During her time on the Winterline Global Skills Program, Daniela hopes to gain clarity and experience. She realizes that the program offers a unique opportunity to grow and one that that will teach her countless essential life skills, paving the way for a fulfilling career and college experience.

Why Winterline?: During her research for a Gap Year program, Daniela says that, “Winterline stood out above the rest.”  She embraces the idea of participating in adventurous activities and skills-based activities alongside others who share similar interests. She can’t wait to discover the diverse cultures of the world and looks forward to cherishing those moments with her Winterline family.

How would friends describe Daniela: Generous, honest and positive, Daniela is someone that you want on your team. She seeks adventure, is very driven, and she is aware that she has exactly what it takes to succeed!  Daniela knows what she likes and dislikes; languages are a go and sciences are a definite no!

 Looking forward to?: Excited by her passion to travel and explore, Daniela is enthusiastic about every activity on the Winterline Global Skills Program. Has any particular region caught her eye? Asia! She is ecstatic to broaden her horizons and explore a new culture.

Does she foresee any challenges?: Eager to explore the world with her Winterline family, Daniela is sure that she will not want her journey to come to an end. She predicts that parting with both the places and people that she has met will be a challenge for her as the program wraps up.  

Previous travel experience?: Daniela loves to travel! She cherishes visiting both new and old destinations. She acknowledges that her greatest lessons have been acquired through travel as she says, “My way of being alive is through traveling.” Two of her favorite locations are the Amazon Jungle and the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, where she became immersed in the culture and got to know some of the people. Daniela acknowledges that trips of these sort help get her out of her sheltered bubble and open her eyes to different ways of life. She is eager to travel and gain diverse experiences during her time on the Winterline program.   

What does her future hold? : Daniela does not see her travel experiences ending any time soon! She hopes to travel to the most hidden places of the world and share her experiences through photography and written works. Hoping to connect with the people that she meets, Daniela has a desire to help out the less fortunate. Not only does Daniela aspire to reach out to humans, she hopes to search for street dogs all over the world and provide them with homes!


Just to get to know Daniela a little bit more, we thought we’d add  these fun facts:

  • The Secret Garden and Psycho (very different, I may add!) are a couple of Daniela’s favorite movies.
  •  Daniela loves dancing to music, such as Colombian music.
  • Her favorite musical artists include Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti.
  •  She loves to swim and play squash and tennis.
  •  Daniela is truly passionate about traveling and discovering new places.
  •  She is trilingual! Daniela speaks Spanish, English and French. She even speaks a little bit of German!
  • Daniela LOVES nature and animals.
  • She is very creative and shows this creativity through drawing--she also enjoys reading.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Daniela and hope you have too! We cannot wait to have her join us on for our 2016 9-month program. Would you like to join her? Apply now.