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I recently spoke with Ana Paulina, a 17-year old from Puerto Rico who will be joining the Winterline Global Skills gap year program next fall! Ana Paulina is truly passionate about traveling. Having traveled to South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Chile, England and other parts of Europe, Ana Paulina already has quite a bit of travel experience under her belt. She shared with me her curiosity to learn about parts of the world that she has yet to explore, especially Spain and parts of Asia.

Ana Paulina is eager to build friendships with her fellow Winterline students and to form relationships with the local people that she meets across her travels. Through these relationships, she is excited to gain insight into different cultures and even hopes to pick up new languages (she already speaks Spanish and English and is currently working on French!) In the future, Ana Paulina hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps by using her world knowledge to create a non-profit organization, with the goal of helping end world hunger and poverty.

In addition to traveling with us, Ana Paulina is most excited for the new and adventurous experiences that she will have during her Winterline journey.

Just to get to know Ana Paulina a little bit more, we thought we’d share a few more fun facts:

  • She loves American Pop and Latin Music
  • She love to dance! Especially tap dance.
  • She also loves yoga, tennis and skiing
  • Ana Paulina has a twin! Although they are very different, they love to spend time together, especially at the beach.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Ana Paulina and hope you have too! We cannot wait to have her join us on for our 2016 gap program. Would you like to join her? Apply now.