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ledecky_stock_news_usa.jpg Source: stocknewsusa.com

Two very notable young women have been in the news lately about their gap years.

Katie Ledecky and Malia Obama have both chosen to take the year after high school off in order to pursue their own personal and professional development.

For Katie it was a matter of pursuing her lifelong dream and preparing herself for the Olympics. She's won four gold medals now and a silver, setting a world record and an olympic record in the process. Congrats to her on her hard earned success!

malia_obama_gap_year_nbc_news.jpgSource: nbcnews.com

For Malia, the gap year is about navigating transitions. The shift from High School to College is never one to take lightly, and all parents and young adults should take care. Compound that with the shift from White House life to civilian life and you have every reason to take a gap year.

Ledecky and Malia have both chosen to take gap years after high school. What's your reason?

Here's what our incoming students say.