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Our 2015 Winterliners recently took a crash course in basic and intermediate Spanish at Casco Antiguo Spanish School in Panama City to prep them for their time in Central America. In addition to language classes, they learned salsa, practiced speaking with local inhabitants and took a bike tour of the city. Check out the note below from the school and the fun videos and pictures from this amazing skill-filled experience!

"We wanted to thank you for learning Spanish with us at Casco Antiguo Spanish School. You guys were an amazing group to work with and it was really nice to get to know you all.  We hope you had a good time here at the school and in Casco Viejo. Your teachers, Eddalia, Richard, Corvan, Horzela, and Luis all send their best. They really enjoyed having you as students! We made a short video of your time here at the school that we'd like to share. We also posted some pictures. "