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I sat down with yet another savvy student going on Winterline's skill-building adventure this fall. Brittany T., 20, of Cohasset, MA who will be the oldest student in our cohort. Now that she has been in college for two years, she is taking a step back to truly experience the world before returning.

It will be nice to add her maturity—a few more years under her belt—to the mix. And she is ready!

Taking a Gap Year:

When I asked her why she decided to take a gap year, Brittany remarked, "I spent two years at the University of Massachusetts studying hospitality and hotel management. I wasn't quite sure if that was truly what I wanted to do. I thought about changing majors or even transferring, but then I thought a gap year would be the perfect opportunity to explore other careers while traveling."

"I thought a gap year would be the perfect opportunity to explore other careers while traveling."

Before picking Winterline, Brittany looked at a few other programs that were much shorter in length and scope. One in Australia, one in New Zealand—more of the outdoor adventure types of programs. Well, we are super excited that she chose Winterline! "None of these programs had the broad spectrum of Winterline or the connection to learning skills," adds Brittany. "My father happens to knows Jeet Singh, the Founder of Winterline, too, so when he heard about the program, we checked it out and I sent an email to my mom right away."

As for traveling, Brittany has taken family vacations domestically and to Mexico and the Caribbean where she even lived on a boat in the British Virgin Islands while her father taught her sailing. Although she loves the water, she admitted "I snorkel, but getting into deep water scares me. Shark phobia. But I am excited to scuba dive and work with sea turtles. That all sounds amazing."

"I snorkel, but getting into deep water scares me. shark phobia. but i am excited to scuba dive and work with sea turtles."

But that's what Winterline is all about. Letting young adults experience the world. Gain practical life skills. Test their limits. And overcome fears. (Don't worry, I am scared of deep water and sharks, too!)

Her excitement for - and expectations from - Winterline:

As far as intriguing countries on the top of her list, "I can't wait to go to Europe. I enjoy fashion design and have an interest in learning more about photography. And Barcelona, too. I studied Spanish in high school, so I've always wanted to go there since I studied about the country."

 Of course, there are so many things she'd like to gain from her Winterline experience, but here are just two that she mentioned:

Make new lasting friends:

Brittany mentioned that her friends range from girly girls to guys who are just friends to the more outdoorsy types and added, "My personality? I am bubbly and optimistic and I can bring that to the group. Once I get to know someone, I really open up and get comfortable." She's very exited to meet the other domestic and international students convening in Estes Park, Colorado in September, especially since she graduated with a very small group of kids in high school, 84.

"I am really open to trying new things. I'm bubbly and optimistic and I can bring that to the group."

 Gain career clarity.

She also mentioned going back to school for education and teaching, which as a mother I admire. "I have been a nanny for 12 years and love being around kids, the younger K-3rd grade ages are great," she explained. One of my babysitting kids is into robotics – I want to learn what he is  doing! He is 9 and he is a genius."


Getting to know our Cohasset, MA Winterline student a bit more:

I asked Brittany to rattle off a few fun facts, so we can all get to know one of our Winterliners a bit better. She's a big fan of country music, loves a big juicy hamburger, enjoys snapping pictures and scrapbooking, takes to the water paddle boarding, and lives by her mother's advice, "Don't sweat the small stuff."

I certainly can't wait to interview Brittany again post Winterline. It will be remarkable to see how her experiences have helped define her future goals and learn what new favorite foods, hobbies, and inspirational quotes we can add to her bio. And of course, find out what career choice she is leaning towards. Marine biology? Interior Decorating? Design? Education? Robotics? Check back.