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Have you been wondering what our Winterliners are up to? Well, now you can find out!

Each week one of our student media teams will be blogging about their experiences as they explore the world and learn new skills.

First up Team #1. Meet the team members below and look for their post early next week.

Alex Pliskin

Hello! My name is Alex Pliskin and I come from Brooklyn in New York City. I joined Winterline with the hopes of finding a more focused purpose for the future and to establish a better work-and-play balance. I really enjoy playing soccer ("football", in the majority of the world), traveling, and getting to know new people. I am super excited to learn new cultural practices like meditation, to get an greater understanding of people from different regions of the world, and to grow as a person as a result of the experience. I hope you enjoy our team’s blog posts and thank you for following!

Brittany Tedeschi

Hi! My name is Brittany Tedeschi and I’m from Cohasset, Massachusetts.  I had already completed two years at UMass Amherst when I realized that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my future. I decided to take a gap year and Winterline seemed like the perfect program. I was majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management but soon realized that the business life wasn’t something that I was passionate about.  I love kids and after this year, I’m thinking about pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education. I also love to travel and scrapbook my adventures. I can’t wait for the experiences to come this year and I hope you enjoy following along!

Bamae Sohkhlet

Hello. I’m Bamae Sohkhlet and I’m from North East India. A gap year was never an option for me right after high school, but when Winterline was introduced to me, I could not pass it up. This gap year program encompassed everything I was searching for, from traveling the world learning different skills, to discovering the strengths each person has inside. I’m confident that I will be a changed person after this experience.

Benji Miller

Hi. I'm Benji. I'm a native of Santa Monica, California, where the sun shines nearly 365 days a year and the boogie boarding waves are awesome. Lately, my life has taken some pretty insane twists and turns. I biked across the USA, sold my first business as part of a TV show, and then signed up for a yearlong adventure crisscrossing the entire earth. I live my life with the hope of great things and the desire to create. I seek to pursue self-mastery and to experience life to the utmost.