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Winterline is committed to giving promising students the opportunity to join our programs regardless of financial need. We feel that, though our programs have very obvious cost components, accessibility to our Global Skills Program and our Semester and Summer Programs should always be on the rise.

Winterline programs are all-inclusive, and pricing includes all skills-training and program fees, international and in-country travel, curricular materials, food, lodging, and related expenses during the program. 

We offer the highest quality gap year, semester, and summer programs in the industry, and are committed to providing exceptional skills-based experiences that are designed to equip students to succeed in college, identify their passions, and build competence for lifelong success.

At present, to balance financial need, we offer the following discounts and scholarships. 





Early Application Discount
For students who submit completed applications by the required deadline.

Bring a Friend Discount
For any two or more applicants who apply and are accepted together.

Journalism Scholarship
A work-study scholarship for students who commit to blogging and posting photos and videos while on the program to support Winterline’s outreach efforts. Applicants must demonstrate writing ability.

Tech Support Scholarship
A work-study scholarship for students who commit to being actively involved in the maintenance, upkeep, and troubleshooting of the group’s technology equipment. Applicants must demonstrate technological competence. 

Photography Scholarship
A work-study scholarship for students who are capable of and committed to shooting high-quality photography and video footage for Winterline’s exclusive use. Applicants must demonstrate photography proficiency.

Global Skills Scholarship
A needs-based award requiring parents’ or legal guardian’s financial information and demonstration of student’s motivation.

Winterline Full Tuition Scholarship
A combined needs- and merit-based scholarship awarded to students who show exceptional promise; all tuition/program costs are covered. This award may not be combined with other discounts or scholarships. (The student is responsible for covering the costs of travel, food, lodging, and related expenses.)

Nema-Conrad Winterline Fellowship
This annual fellowship is given exclusively to one Winterline Global Skills Program student from the Woodstock School (in India) and covers all costs except roundtrip travel to/from the program, travel during designated breaks (winter and spring), and personal spending money.

Further details of these scholarships and our financial aid award package will be provided once a student has been accepted into the program.