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shutterstock_130948430Orientation and Unit 1 in Latin America mark the beginning of a thrilling adventure for Winterline Global Skills Program (GSP) students. This life-changing journey begins in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, USA and continues in Panama and Costa Rica.

Wondering what you and other Winterline students will do in each location? Here’s a peek at our itinerary and what yours would look like as a student in the program:  

Orientation – USA

Rocky Mountains

Wilderness skills are the theme of the orientation portion of the Winterline GSP. You will kick off your adventure in the rugged Wind River Range, where you’ll backpack for 11 days over steep, rocky terrain and spend 2 days preparing for the unexpected with Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training.

  • Sunrise: Light up your camp stove to prepare an energizing breakfast and organize your pack for the day.
  • Mid-Morning: Head out on the trail. Along the way, you might learn how to cross a river or move over a high mountain pass. You might navigate boulders and fallen timber off-trail or put your bear avoidance skills to the test.
  • Early Evening: Select a campsite and cook a well-deserved dinner while relaxing for tomorrow’s hike.  

Unit 1 – Panama & Costa Rica

Panama City and Bocas del Toro

The next stop on the Winterline GSP map is Panama, where you’ll get acquainted with the land and sea and gain the skills necessary to thrive in these environments. 

  • Early Morning: Wake up and spend the day out on the water participating in controlled SCUBA dives, performing maintenance on motorboats, and wakeboarding through mangrove swamps.
  • Free Time: If there’s time left over, you might go out on a boat (captained by you or one of your classmates!) to spot dolphins or visit a local beach for a swim.
  • During Your Stay: You’ll hone your sea kayaking and sailing skills. You’ll also become familiar with winds and tides so you can navigate a boat on the open sea.

Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, Guapiles, Central Valley, Monteverde, and San Jose

Our next destination in Unit 1 is Costa Rica. Here, you will get up close and personal with the land and the life that inhabits it. 

  • Take a Hike: In Costa Rica, you’ll hike through the rainforests of the Central Pacific Mountain Range, discovering fascinating rainforest plants and animals along the way.
  • Hands-On Experience: You’ll stay with local villagers to get an in-depth look at sustainable farming. During the visit, you’ll make sugar from sugarcane and grind corn for tortillas with village families for that night’s dinner.
  • Wrap Up: Before returning home for the holidays, you’ll get the chance to complete an independent project, rappel an 80-foot waterfall, and learn how to surf. You’ll have plenty of unbelievable stories to share with your friends and family.

We have a lot more to tell you about the Winterline Global Skills Program. Download the full itinerary or contact us directly – we’d be happy to answer your questions. 

Stay tuned for exciting details about Unit 2 in South and Southeast Asia and Unit 3 in Europe!