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Here are the top 10 questions people ask about Winterline:   

1. Why should I choose Winterline GSP for my gap year experience?
Winterline GSP is not your ordinary gap year program. Throughout 9 months, you’ll gain hands-on skills in various capacities. You’ll learn to drive a car with BMW in Munich. You’ll trek mountains and rivers with NOLS and Outward Bound in Colorado and Costa Rica. You’ll perform on stage with Improv in Boston and learn to scuba dive in Panama. These skills and the many others you’ll learn are bound to help you discover new sides of yourself and realize your passions.
2. Does Winterline GSP offer any financial aid?
Winterline offers a Global Skills scholarship of up to $10,000 per student. Students must demonstrate financial need and a strong motivation to join the program. We also offer several discounts:

3. Is there an application deadline?
We admit students to Winterline GSP on a rolling basis. However, you’ll want to apply as soon as possible to ensure that you’re considered for admission.
4. Where will students be staying, and what will they eat?
In our gap year program, students stay in a variety of hostels, lodges, rented houses or university residential facilities. Accommodations will be clean and comfortable, but rarely luxurious. Students travel with a professional chef, who cooks healthy and nutritious food – a balance of local and international cuisine depending where we travel. Whenever possible, we use fresh, local ingredients and invite students to join in on the cooking.
5. Winterline GSP sounds like a very busy 9-month program. Do students have any free time?
Absolutely! We understand that a 9-month program can be long, so we structured the program for both learning and free time. During the week, we dedicate 4-5 days to learning specific skills. Students then have the other 2-3 days off to hang out, relax, and explore their current location.
6. Where do Winterline GSP students come from?
Winterline GSP students come from all over the world. We try to make our group as diverse as possible – it opens students’ minds to new cultures and creates opportunities for them to become friends with students all over the world. Our gap year program is a great chance to make lifetime connections with students whose culture differs vastly from your own.
7. How much does ir cost?
The total cost of our gap year program is $55,000 USD. This includes all program costs and fees – food, accommodations, and travel fees, as well as all insurance and associated fees. Financial aid and early sign-up discounts can help offset the cost of the program.
8. What major skill areas are focused on?
Winterline GSP introduces students to a vast array of practical skills. While in the U.S. and Central America, students will get comfortable with the land and sea by focusing on the outdoors, wilderness and our natural environment. They will go on an outdoor leadership expedition in the Rockies, scuba dive in Panama, and explore agriculture in Costa Rica. In Southeast Asia, students will develop their human relationship skills by learning Thai massage, customer service, and self-care and caregiving. In Europe, Winterline GSP students will focus on higher tech skills such as art, cooking, and flamenco in Barcelona; robotics and driving in Germany; and business skills and theater in Boston. All in all, graduates of our program will be equipped to pursue whatever passion their hearts desire.
9. Will I get college credit for participating?
Unfortunately, no. However, we do offer certifications for certain skills you’ll learn in the program as well as internships through our global partners.
10. What is the typical size of a group?
Students travel in a maximum group size of 30. We assign 3 advisors for every group – 1 advisor for every 10 students. This size is ideal for asking questions and getting the most out of your experience.

If you have a question not answer, check out our FAQs page. Get in touch with us to learn more about Winterline GSP.


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