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How much time do you have? Whether you spend a year, a semester or a summer on a Winterline program, you will visit extraordinary places, experience new cultures, learn new skills and find out something important about yourself. And you’ll have an awesome time doing it.

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Get Your Questions Answered at a Gap Year Fair

December 14, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning

Thinking about taking a gap year?  We're here to help. Winterline is once again participating in all thirty-nine USA Gap Year Fairs this winter. Taking place across the US during January and February 2017, the USA Gap Year Fairs are a great place to learn about the benefits of taking a gap year or s

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Winterline and Minerva partner for an info-session on studying, traveling, and learning abroad

December 07, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning

Winterline and Minerva are partnering for a video info-session on how to make travel your education after high school. 

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Gap year and study abroad info-session Tuesday night! Register now.

November 28, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning

Do you have questions about whether a Gap Year or Semester Program is right for you or someone you know? We're here to help!

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Gap year ideas: Catching tropical tree frogs in Costa Rica

November 01, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning

Our students in Costa Rica this week learned the value of data collection in the life sciences by exploring a tropical forest and catching tree frogs.

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Why you should learn Spanish on your gap year

October 04, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning, Gap Year Programs

Spanish is easily one of the most useful languages in the world, certainly in the US. No matter what you do, speaking Spanish is going to make your life easier.

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5 reasons to keep a journal on your gap year travels

September 10, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning

You'll say to yourself, that was so amazing, there's no way I'll forget it. And then..

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Scholarships for our gap year programs

August 30, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning

Winterline is committed to giving promising students the opportunity to join our programs regardless of financial need. We feel that, though our programs have very obvious cost components, accessibility to our Global Skills Program and our Semester and Summer Programs should always be on the rise.

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What NOT to do on a gap year - Lessons from a year traveling abroad

August 25, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning, Travel Tips

This week, we're featuring guest writer Kevin Hermann on his gap year after high school. Traveling through Asia, New Zealand, and Europe, he learned quite a few hard lessons along the way. 

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How to prepare your parents for your gap year adventure

August 10, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning, Travel Tips

Whether you're: Flying to Costa Rica to start a gap year in marine sciences and scuba diving Learning to build international businesses in East Asia, Mumbai, and Silicon Valley  Or island hopping through France, Italy, Cambodia, and Thailand learning gastronomy and food sciences.. You're going to ha

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6 Things To Pack For A Gap Year That You Probably Didn't Think Of Yet

August 01, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning, Travel Tips

In preparation for our gap year programs, we create detailed lists of things students should absolutely not leave home without. Our field advisors travel with our students through India, the Colorado wilderness, Costa Rica, and beyond, and never fail to come back with sharper insights.

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