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How much time do you have? Whether you spend a year, a semester or a summer on a Winterline program, you will visit extraordinary places, experience new cultures, learn new skills and find out something important about yourself. And you’ll have an awesome time doing it.

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Election results: Americans ready to travel abroad.. and send their kids too

November 10, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

It's common after an election for Americans to want to travel abroad. The election cycle is an arduous process. "Democracy is hard," as President Obama said yesterday. People are looking for a getaway. Some more long-term than others.

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The 3 skills you have to learn on your gap year or semester abroad

November 04, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

You need skills to be successful, but which are the hardest to learn if you go straight through school to college? Which are the best skills to focus on if you're planning your own gap year program?

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Gap year moms write about their children traveling the world

October 28, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

Each year that we send our students out to travel around the world learning skills, we know we're leaving concerned parents behind at home. This year, one of our gap year moms stepped up to blog about what it's like to be a gap year parent.

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Cliff jumping and swimming in Costa Rica: Gap year program

October 25, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

In every Winterline program, there's a teeny bit of down time. Usually our students decide they'd prefer adventure over resting.

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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica - Why we love Outward Bound for our gap year programs

October 20, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

Outward Bound Costa Rica offers far more than scuba, surfing, sea-kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Ultimately we choose our partners by the quality of their experiential education design. 

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Gap year fair this week in Durham!

October 07, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

For families interested in learning more about gap years, we will be hosting a gap year fair this week in Durham, NH! Where?  Oyster River High School 55 Coe Dr, Durham, NH 03824 When? October 12th, and 6:00pm

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Why we take our gap year students to Costa Rica with Rancho Mastatal

October 07, 2016 —  Gap Year Programs

Students taking a gap year are ultimately looking for one thing: a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of the world and of themselves. Traveling to Costa Rica with Rancho Mastatal to study permaculture, natural building, and renewable energy is one of the many ways we bring this out in our

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Why you should learn Spanish on your gap year

October 04, 2016 —  Gap Year Planning, Gap Year Programs

Spanish is easily one of the most useful languages in the world, certainly in the US. No matter what you do, speaking Spanish is going to make your life easier.

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