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Winterline Programs

How much time do you have? Whether you spend a year, a semester or a summer on a Winterline program, you will visit extraordinary places, experience new cultures, learn new skills and find out something important about yourself. And you’ll have an awesome time doing it.

Gap year

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As the new Director of Marketing, I cannot tell you how excited our staff is to take our first class of students on the journey of a lifetime this coming fall. Not only will this experience be epic for all of us (of course, I will be holding down the fort at our office, but with you from our home base), but we guarantee that after 9 months, every student will walk away praising this gap year program!

Individually, you'll make long-lasting friendships, broaden your world view, and even more importantly learn an infinite number of life skills that will carry you to college, lead you to a career, and make your future even more successful than ever thought before. Not to mention what each student will learn about themselves, their character, their courage, leadership, and independence.

Again, we can't reiterate enough that what sets our program apart is our emphasis on skill-building. And it all starts with Unit I. of our three-unit program.

I certainly can't wait to hear all of the fantastic stories along the way—and I bet all of our future students can't wait to share their personal stories, either! So, let's dive deeper into the thrilling adventure and what's expected during the first part of our program.

Oh, I should probably mention this right up front before reading more, that this is going to be an action-packed gap year that at times may push you to the limits, but keep in mind that you will also have plenty of personal time for self-exploration, rest, and ramp up in the itinerary. And to be with your peers, laugh, and have fun.

Are you ready to learn more and enroll? There's still time!

[If you'd like to follow along with my blog and our programs travels... Download Itinerary]

UNITED STATESOrientation & Wilderness Training

The Rockies

We kick-off Unit I. in the United States at Estes Park located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This is where we'll orient everyone and make sure your prepared for what's to come from September to December. From program's start, you'll gain valuable skills in team-building and logistical planning, and positivity and safety from the get-go.

Next, you'll get the backpacks out and hike The Wind River Mountains of Wyoming for 11 days. Of course, you'll certainly take in the breathtaking surroundings, but this is really all about wilderness outdoor survival and emergency training infused with breath-taking sunrises, chats around the campfire, and getting to know your peers.


Panama & Costa Rica

Then, it's on to Latin America, more specifically Panama and Costa Rica. Definitely a big change, but a welcome change. This is where we will expand our knowledge of other cultures, languages, ethnic cooking, and even bargaining. Take it from me, negotiation for what you want carries throughout your entire life! I'm still learning how to do that efficiently and effectively everyday. This will give you the perfect introduction and start.

Rounding out "L.A.", we'll Jump right into the water to snorkel, sail, scuba dive, fish, kayak, and especially to take a closer look at marine biology and ecology, and tropical research—something many people don't get the opportunity to do. I've snorkeled and spent some time with sea turtle rescue, but not even close to this degree!

Speaking of opportunities, maintaining and operating an outboard motor are also part of the mix. Exploring what makes something tick, along with how to keep it ticking let's you be an engineer of sorts and truly wrap yourself around critical-thinking.  

ASIA—Community & Cultural Relations

Thailand, Cambodia, and India

Moving onto South and Southeast Asia, we'll concentrate more on building relationships, care-giving, and teaching, along with overseas manufacturing and what's most commonly imported to other countries. Not only will you experience things like cooking ethnic foods in South and Southeast Asia, but also you'll actually work in a hotel a bit (hotel management) and sew and design clothing and such in the garment industry.

Adding more, and sort of shifting gears a little, you'll explore scriptwriting, photography, and filmmaking. Sharing personal stories, blogs, and what you've learned throughout your experience thus far, really, in your very own film. Think Hollywood, but in Bollywood, in Mumbai's Bollywood Film Studios.

All of this documentation in today's media will be used for your budding portfolio and new knowledge of digital marketing, and frankly Winterline down the line, so your efforts can also be showcased to the world eventually!


Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, USA

Unfortunately for me, I have only been to Europe one time thus far, but believe me, your accounts of all of your travels on this gap year program will help me plan my next trip, or shall I say trips... probably starting in Europe, which is also known for its gorgeous landscapes with very different feelings per country: cultural exploration, old-world art, architectural, music, and theatre, all the things each country truly offers come into play.

On the flip side of cultural appreciation, you'll be learning more about business and technology. Business etiquette, sales training, money management and the technologies of robotics and engineering. You'll even get to go to the BMW Driving School in Germany to just give your safe driving skills a refresher. Also to learn some important car maintenance skills, something I'm currently learning myself right now, as my very own older vehicle needs some work.

Then, it's back to Boston to not only wrap it all up and debrief, but to focus on networking, leveraging business contacts, negotiations, entrepreneurship, how start-ups get off the ground, etc. You'll even land on the campus of MIT. And hey, Winterline GSP is also essentially a start-up, too, so your overall feedback will be invaluable, along with your parent's point-of-view, all taken into account. (I must quickly add, you'll do a bunch of theatre production and even comedy improv, in Boston, so cool.)


I have two teenagers myself. And you can bet that providing them with the opportunity to take a gap year is at the top of my list. Please, please, please reach out to me and our entire staff at "our headquarters" any time. I want to see your pictures, your blogs, and hear a ton of highlights from your trip. Get to know you better. Even to teach me what's really important about taking these skills to college or using them practically down the line. It will be key learning we can all share!

We have a lot more to tell you! Including about an individual project that will showcase your experience. I encourage you to get a more streamlined view of Winterline GSP's gap year program by downloading the itinerary here. [Download Itinerary]

Join us! It's easy to fill out Part I. & Part II. Click here to Apply.