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The wilderness is something to celebrate, not to be taken for granted. Every day you can hear news, bleak and inspiring, for why we should be taking better care of the planet, and of our deepening need to be closer to it. 

And it's clear that our societies need this relationship to develop the proper sense of stewardship to avoid self-destruction -- to learn how to be in nature, how to live, eat, play, and even survive in it. It's not only great for the developing mind, but it's a growing field for exciting, gainful employment.

At Winterline, we believe in building fully-rounded young people -- those who can survive in the wilderness, and also tell its story; who can film, cut, edit, rinse, recycle.

Who can lead a tour of first-timers, creating that formative bond with nature, as well as a mountain expedition of seasoned adventurers, keen on learning something new, something deeper about the landscape, the ecosystems, the human systems that interact with the world, even themselves.

We are always so thrilled when we come across such inspired, multi-talented creativity --like this simple, awesome kayaking video, below.



Indeed, Winterline's gap year and semester programs integrate myriad layers of learning to build such multi-faceted individuals, integrating skills-based education, like kayaking, mountaineering, SCUBA, and Wilderness First Responder certifications from the outset. But also navigating and mediating conflict, negotiation, documentary film-making, building a business plan, managing a budget. These skills integrate to create unequalled growth for our students.

The full gamut of rewarding experiences is what defines our mission for building global citizens, with real skills, prepared for life.

If you are interested in developing a career in outdoor education, our Work in the Wild program is just for you. Rolling admissions deadline July 1st!

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