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Tiny_House_group_photo-1.jpgThis year we've seen such interest in our programs -- to the point of overflow -- that we've decided to expand our offerings from the 9-month Global Skills Program to thematic semester programs like Health and Business, and now!

A 12-week Global Skills Program.

We set out to create an experience that would prepare students for life in a diverse world and a globalized economy. Our new gap semester program will do just that.

The 12-week Global Skills Program breaks up the three trimesters of the 9-month program into 4-week blocks. In this time you'll learn a wide variety of skills at partner locations across North America, Central America, and Southeast Asia, visiting 4 countries over 12-weeks, traveling as a group, learning skills, and making the friendships of a lifetime.

The first trimester of our 9-month Global Skills Program is titled Land and Sea, where students learn to push and challenge themselves in a rough and tumble physical world. In the 12-week program, this trimester is condensed into four intense weeks. You'll learn the basis of personal challenge and leadership development as part of a group. 

The second trimester of the 9-month program is entitled Community and Caregiving, focusing on developing the skills to care for others and oneself. Any effort to impact the world is seriously compromised if one doesn't learn how to manage their time and energy effectively to avoid burnout. In the 12-week Global Skills Program, students learn skills for self-care as well as those required for living in diverse societies, skills like conflict management and how conflict fits into bigger picture issues and trends like urbanization. Students learn hospitality and culinary arts as well.

The third trimester of the 9-month program is entitled Building Your Future, and it focuses on synthesizing the previous months of skills development into channeling students' energy toward how they'd like to make an impact on the world. Business planning, arts and design, personal finance, technology and etiquette are core elements of the 12-week Global Skills Program. In the end, you will pitch a business you've been working on before a group of real investors.

Students will get certifications in Scuba diving and will develop skills in cooking, wilderness survival, photography, renewable energy, mixology, sewing, team-building, critical thinking, business startup skills, and coral reef restoration.

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